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Rigiet Stabilizer Review:

Are you interested in shooting and unsteady videos with your mobile phone?
Then here am showing a cool gadget through which you can shoot or capture smooth and steady videos. The cool gadget is RIGIET.
Simply slide your phone and turn it on and all the creations are at your finger tips.this can be rotated easily in every direction. You can make videos or films in landscape, portrait or under slung positions. This Rigiet automatically adjust positions in which way you want to film the video.


This Rigiet has buttons like
 Joystick button:
 Mode button:
 Power button
 Camera control button.


charging is made in two ways simultaneously you can charge your phone and also
Rigiet It also supports the Tripod.




 Auto track function:

With the help of this Rigiet you can simply drop and drag the object which you want to auto-track. It works best for front and also for rear camera and even also in live streaming.

 Live stream mode:

It also supports the Live streaming. Share your best moments with your family and friends through live stream by sharing it on social media networks.

 Slow motion:

if you want to film or shoot a video in a slow motion this Rigiet supports very perfectly for you.

 Timelapse:

It has great Timelapse support.

 Three panorama Modes:

Rigiet has three different panorama modes. If you want five or nine photos you can stitched together for a great panorama photo.

 Share with your friends:

After you shoot or film the video or photo  with the Rigiet you can share  them with the friends or family members through the social media like instagram, You tube etc.


Model 18650
voltage 3.72


this is the best gadget I think everyone should have who loves shooting the videos.